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Solution Which Led Me to the Gates
I'm thinking should I take that.
My friends command I should.
I wonder only few seconds.
Then I take that little bottle with me.

I go to the restroom.
Then I sit on the dutchtilefloor.
The floor is cold, my heart is hot.
I can feel how my blood is running in my veins.
I'm a bit nervous and I scare a little.
I'm shaking and I watch that bottle.

The bottle is really small.
There is some purple solution.
Luminous, purple liquid.
I open the cork and I smell it.
Sweet scent detonates my mind.
I want to try!

I lick the bottle once.
It's so smooth and cold.
It wheedles me to try, I'm still thinking.
It shouts, it screams, it yells.
It demands me to try, just try.

I pour that liquid in my throat.
It tastes bitter and dainty.
I'd like to get more! More!
I feel how my hot blood runs faster and faster.
I'm in ecstasy. I love it.

In hook. In hook. In hook.
That damned wish-wash done something bad.
Now I'm feeling just misery and sad.
That fluid I used to love destroyed me.
Now I'm going to the Gates of Hell.
Gates of Hell. Gates of Hell.

Anorexia Nervosa
Thin like a cord, skin like white sheets.
How could she be strong, if everybody beats?
Strike to face! Kick to abdomen!
Give her that what she really wants!
Give her heed, that satanic deed!

Puncture her eyes and rend her lips.
She is gooood, SO give her some tips.
Give her bloody intestines and veins.
Give her her mothers brains.
See how she cries, see how she dies.

Watch how she loses her weight.
Don't let the Death be late.
Invite it when the time is up.
Look after that she will suffer.
Make sure that she will be slandered.
Killed, raped and fucked.

She wanted attention, she got that.
She wanted to lost her weight, she lost it.
She wanted to be a target.
Yes, she really was a target.

An Angel Without Wings
I'm standing in the middle of the yard.
With bloodstained wings and bleeding heart.
I see the emptiest emptiness.
I taste the darkest darkness.
I'd like to hate you.
I'd like to hate this.
But how I could hate without feelings?
Feelings that I had before you.

I'm just an angel without wings.
You tore my heart and raped my wings.
But you will own me forever.
You fucking angelraper!

I'm floating in the Arctic Ocean.
With wet wings and freezing heart.
I know I'm going to get colder.
I see I'm going to nowhere.
I'd like to burn you.
I'd like to burn this.
But how I could burn without a hot heart?
The hot heart I had before you.

I'm just an angel without wings.
You tore my heart and raped my wings.
But you will own me forever.
You fucking angelraper!

After torturing me you take your gun.
You give me a nice bullet.
And that bullet is my way to home.
In the heaven I will get new wings.
New wings.

I'm sitting in a dark corner,
Between walls and shadows,
I'm watching you my dream.
You are near but far,
Too near and too far,
Too fear and too love.
I can't stand this anymore,
What am I waiting for?
I know it's you who I'm waiting
and I know it's me who you are hating.
Why I wait?
Why you hate?
I know that I'm not a princess.
But I know that my feelings are too strong to die.
My feelings to you; love, love, love...
Why I don't get you?
Now? Tomorrow? Ever..

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